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Nutritional Counseling

Did you know that portion control and proper nutrition is equally important for our furry companions as it is for us as people? Obesity in pets carries many of the same risks and results as overweight people. Heavy pets face many of the same conditions as people including heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, joint and mobility issues, and increases in particular types of cancer. Dr. Stephenson at Reilly Road Animal Hospital has determined and provided proper foods for our pet family in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area. He and our experienced staff can determine a diet that is made exclusively for the needs of your constant companion as well.

What types of food should I feed my dog or cat?

Dogs and cats require appropriate food that does not exist of our table scraps and leftovers! There a several veterinary diet and nutrition companies that have developed diet foods which have an excellent balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Dr. Stephenson will determine which food is best for your pet depending on their age, overall health, and current medical condition. Our experienced staff will also evaluate how much food you should provide each day for your pet.

A healthy diet and exercise are one of the cornerstones of the overall health and longevity of the life of a pet. A study conducted on Labrador retrievers approximately the same age determined that the dogs that were maintaining a healthy weight outlived their heavier counterparts by about 2.5 years. Diet and exercise are clearly a priority for our pets.

Whether you have a puppy or kitten, or an older pet that has never had their diet regulated, it is not too late to start! Please call one of our caring team members at Reilly Road Animal Hospital and schedule a nutritional counseling appointment for your furry family member.

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