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In-Clinic Diagnostics

In addition to radiology, blood work diagnostics are some of the most valuable tools for a veterinarian. For this reason, Reilly Road Animal Hospital in Cumberland County, North Carolina has invested in the most advanced diagnostic laboratory available for the care of your pet. Our diagnostic system can accurately produce results from a blood sample in less than twenty minutes, enabling Dr. Stephenson to make an accurate diagnosis and begin immediate treatment if necessary.

Our blood chemistry analyzer can determine organ function, including liver, kidney and pancreas levels. Electrolyte values can also be tested in our laboratory, helping Dr. Stephenson to determine whether fluids may be necessary for an ailing pet.

Complete blood counts (CBCs) are an excellent overview of the health of an animal. CBCs verify the red and white cell counts, as well as platelet values. These numbers can rule in or out infections, and many diseases including certain cancers.

Reilly Road Animal Hospital prides itself on providing the latest technologies to our clients in the Cumberland Count area, and our laboratory is another example of this commitment. You can trust the caring staff at Reilly Road Animal Hospital to provide the best care possible at reasonable prices for your furry family member.

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